Detox program

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A delicious kickstart to powerful energy & true beauty.

Looking for a reset for your body and a kickstart for a healthier diet? Then this is your book!

This is not a standard juice cure, but a boost for your body. With recipes for detoxproof smoothies, soups, light meals and even detoxproof ice creams. In addition, you learn what exactly happens in your body when you get all these nutrients. On the menu? Little Apple Cake, Chocolate Surprise Toffees, Powerful Berry Smoothie and more.


  • Balanced pre- and post-detox days;
  • A fully written weekly menu;
  • Including shopping lists;
  • Extra recipes for detoxproof ice creams, smoothies and soups;
  • More than 35 tasty recipes;
  • From all recipes online handy and short cooking videos;
  • Lots of information about what exactly happens in your body during a detox;
  • Extra motivation and tips for during your detox days.

Are you ready for this healthy detox?