Your 50 Days of Green Happiness vegan cookbook is about to change your life!

Get more energetic, tighter and fitter in your body with a radiant skin. How do you get rid of a bloated feeling, which supplements do you need to take your health to a higher level and how do you fit it all into your busy life? 

This ultra-thick Green Happiness cookbook gives you more than 200 vegan recipes (!), A complete 50-day plan of plant-based recipes and lots of information. From lasagna, vegan tiramisu, sushi donuts and sandwiches, healthy eating is anything but boring.


  • 50 complete, tasty and easy daily vegan menus;
  • Weekly shopping lists;
  • Lots of great information about what the right nutrition does to your body;
  • More than 200 vegetable recipes;
  • Recipes for, among other things, the holidays, snacks, athletes and children's treats;
  • Including bakery special for baking pies and cookies.
  • With a complete vegan Christmas menu;
  • Including nutritional calculations per dish and per day;
  • With a double reading ribbon and hard cover.

NOTE: This book has an A4 format, a hard cover and 480 pages, so make enough space on your bookshelf.