The 28 Day Challenge that will reshape your body, boost your energy & save our planet

This book is a combination of the workout expertise of Jeroen Krak and the tasty recipes and information of The Green Happiness. Including a 28 day schedule to take your diet and workout routine to the next level.

With the book you will receive access to workout videos to train with us. You can read in the book how you can train best, what you can then eat and how you remain motivated. From healthy smoothies, shakes and evening meals to sweet snacks (slice of raspberry-coconut cake, anyone?). Tighter in your skin doesn't have to be boring!


  • 40+ new recipes;
  • 100% vegetable, gluten-free and lactose-free;
  • 20+ workout videos;
  • Professional sports coaching, from beginner to pro;
  • Detailed information about healthy food;
  • Tips from inspiring experts in the field of nutrition and sport;
  • 28 Day Challenge as a poster with workouts and daily menus;
  • All nutritional values ​​per dish and per portion;
  • Tables for calculating your personal energy and protein needs;
  • A hard cover and bookmark.