Your 50 Days of Green Happiness vegan cookbook is about to change your life!

If you want to experience how what you eat influences your life, your state of mind, your energy level, your appearance... Then this book is for you! When your body starts to work better, you will notice it in all aspects of your life.


  • 50 complete, tasty and easy daily vegan menus;
  • Weekly shopping lists;
  • More than 170 plant-based and quick vegan recipes;
  • Extra recipes for the bbq, workouts, children and cravings;
  • Including nutritional calculations per dish and per day;
  • With a double reading ribbon and hard cover;
  • Extensive information about nutrition, what you do and what you eat to maximize your beauty;
  • Everything you want to know about food for beauty, cosmetics and supplements;
  • Information about the best nutrition for sports, pregnancy and especially for men;
  • Including Diet, Health, Toxin and Beauty checklists;
  • With special Beach-Body Detox week.

This is an e-book